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where is power button on Asus laptop

where is power button on Asus laptop


Asus workstations are eminent for their dependability and state-of-the-art innovation. Be that as it may on the off chance that you are new to the Asus family or you have as of late procured another model you might regard yourself as pondering. where is the power button on the Asus laptop?

In this article, we will direct you through the most common way of finding the power button on your Asus PC and give a few significant hints and bits of knowledge to upgrade your client experience.

Distinguishing the Power Button on Various Asus PC Models

The area of the power button on an Asus PC can change in light of the particular series and model. We should dig into the most famous ones:

where is power button on Asus laptop

Asus ZenBook Series

The Asus ZenBook series is known for its smooth and thin plan. Ordinarily, you will find the power button incorporated into the PC’s console.

it is generally situated at the upper right corner contiguous with the erase or delete key. Some ZenBook models even have a unique finger impression sensor integrated into the power button for added security.

Asus VivoBook Series

On account of Asus VivoBook workstations, the power button is by and large situated on the upper right corner of the console, like the ZenBook series. This position guarantees simple access and forestalls incidental presses.

Asus ROG Series

Asus Republic of Gamers (ROG) workstations frequently have particular power buttons. You’ll commonly track down them on the right side or upper right corner of the console, and they might have an alternate plan or lighting to match the gaming style.

Asus Chromebook Series

Asus Chromebooks commonly have the power button situated on the PC, frequently close to the pivot or on the upper right side. It might very well be planned as a button or a little switch.

Button on Asus laptops

Buttonwhere is the power button on the Asus laptop
Power ButtonTypically on the top-right corner of the keyboard
Volume ControlUsually as hotkeys above the keyboard
Brightness ControlHotkeys for screen brightness adjustment
Wi-Fi ToggleHotkey for toggling Wi-Fi on and off
Keyboard BacklightFor backlit keyboards, often with hotkey control
Asus SplendidIn display settings, adjustable for image quality
SonicMaster AudioOften with a dedicated hotkey for the touchpad
Touchpad On/OffOften with a dedicated hotkey for the touchpad
Screen RotationHotkey to rotate the screen for specific tasks
Asus Armoury CrateFor Asus ROG models, software for gaming customization
where is the power button on the Asus laptop

Exploring the PC’s Outside

No matter what the particular Asus PC series, the power button is commonly situated on the PC’s fundamental body as opposed to the screen. Guarantee that your PC is open and the console is available.

Unique Highlights and Customizations

Asus workstations frequently accompany remarkable elements and customizations connected with the power button.

A few models permit you to tweak the capability of the power button, like closing down the PC or making it lights-out time for it. Make certain to investigate your PC’s settings to capitalize on these choices.

Ways to utilize the Power Button Proficiently

To turn on your Asus PC press and hold the power button for a couple of moments. In the event that you really want to close down or restart the PC, you can likewise utilize the power button. Be that as it may, it’s a decent practice to save your work and close applications prior to playing out a closure.

Investigating Power Button Issues

In the event that you experience issues with the power button, for example, lethargy, investigating the problem is fundamental. This might include checking for actual harm or investigating programming settings.

where is power button on Asus laptop

Power Button versus Different Choices

Asus PCs likewise offer elective ways of turning on your gadget, like utilizing the console alternate route or opening the PC top. These techniques can be advantageous in various circumstances.

Exploring Extra Elements

Notwithstanding the Where is the power button on Asus laptops, Asus PCs frequently integrate extra highlights that can improve your client experience. These highlights can differ contingent on the PC series and model. We should investigate a few normal ones:

  • Hotkeys: Numerous Asus PCs incorporate a bunch of hotkeys that give speedy admittance to capabilities like changing screen brilliance, controlling sound volume, or flipping Wi-Fi on and off. These hotkeys are typically situated over the console and can be unbelievably helpful for regular errands.
  • Illuminated Consoles: A few Asus PC models accompany illuminated consoles. You have some control over the console backdrop illumination with hotkeys, and it’s a convenient component for working or gaming in low-light conditions.
  • Asus Wonderful: Asus Unbelievable is a presentation upgrade innovation that permits you to change the variety and picture settings on your PC’s screen. You can get to this element through the Asus Unbelievable utility in your PC’s settings.
  • Asus SonicMaster: Assuming you’re an audiophile, you’ll see the value in Asus SonicMaster, which is a sound innovation that conveys great sound. It’s generally expected to be found in Asus workstations, and you can adjust sound settings to suit your inclinations.

Expanding Your PC’s True Capacity

To take advantage of your Asus PC, investigate these extra highlights and customizations. Dive more deeply into the hotkeys and exploit the Astonishing presentation improvements and SonicMaster sound innovation. These highlights can make your PC more flexible and custom-fitted to your particular requirements.

Why Realizing the Power Button Matters

Understanding the area and usefulness of the power button is pivotal for effective PC use. It assists you with keeping away from inadvertent closures and guarantees a smooth client experience, particularly on the off chance that you’re involving your PC for work, gaming, or diversion.


All in all, finding the power button on your Asus PC is fundamental to guarantee a consistent client experience. It can change in view of the PC series and model, so pause for a minute to find it on your particular gadget. By understanding its area and capabilities, you’ll be better prepared to utilize your Asus PC effectively and effectively.


Q: where is the power button on the Asus laptop

A: Indeed, numerous Asus workstations permit you to tweak the power button’s capability in the framework settings.

Q: For what reason does my Asus PC have a finger impression sensor on the power button?

A: Unique mark sensors improve security and smooth out the login interaction.

Q: How would it be advisable for me to respond assuming that my power button becomes lethargic?

A: Assuming the power button is inert, take a stab at investigating the issue by checking for actual harm or investigating programming settings.

Q: Are there elective techniques to turn on my Asus PC?

A: Indeed, you can utilize the console alternate ways or open the PC top to turn on your gadget.

Q: For what reason is it critical to know the area of the power fastener on my Asus PC?

A: Realizing the power button’s area forestalls inadvertent closures and guarantees a smooth client experience.

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